Log to https://app.segment.com/

Click Connections

Sources vs Destinations

Segment has Sources and Destinations. Sources send data into Segment, while Destinations receive data from Segment.

Click Add Destination

Select the Destination from the Catalog

Click Configure Facebook Pixel

Select your Source and click Confirm Source

Click on Pixel ID

You'll need to navigate to your Facebook Event-Manager page to get your Pixel ID and entering it in Pixel ID field. "https://www.facebook.com/events_manager2/"

Your Account ID (found in the URL) is your Pixel ID

Click Save

Turn Pixel ON

Click on Map Your Events to Standard FB Events and click on Add Row

Note: the following Events are an example of what your company would track but not limited to:

Click Save

Click on Standard Events custom properties

All of the custom properties you would want to send as part of your Standard Events (Order Completed, Checkout Started, etc) as property name, can be selected here.

Click Add Row - Below is an example of standard events

Click Save

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